From the start, LZ7 has kept a relevance and honesty about their music which comes from a heart that sees the best in young people. The band draw on experiences from their own lives which give the listener a deeper perspective of where they come from, what they are all about and where they are heading with their music. As always, Lindz is at the front of LZ7. The band includes many faces so you might see a different set of our family at each show.

LZ7 is on a quest to perpetuate music that bypasses the intellect and speaks straight to the soul. With their infectious melodies, huge drops and back to back anthems, LZ7 knows how to rock a crowd.


Legends, LZ7's recent single featured Silento and was all over the charts. These Are Better Days, the latest album, includes the highly successful singles, “G.O.A.T” "Legends" and "Breakthrough. Their music is  being hailed in high rotation at mtv hits clubland, having the likes of nNME, Pop Justice, and dancing astronaut among others being great supporters helping in the railing of new fans and industry credibility. These Are Better Days is an electronic/pop album packed with huge EDM anthems, uplifting vocal melodies and plenty of dirty electro bass drops that will send the EDM and pop world wild! 

LZ7 has teamed up with several heavy hitters to bring their projects alive. Working with grammy award winning producers, Solomon Olds & Dave Luben. Capital FM DJ Nathan C has also worked with the group and produced many of this album's biggest tracks.